Whats the level thing? Is it a game?

its a site called Squiby. Basically you adopt or create things called Squiby and get people to click on them to level them up. Each Squiby has up to 3 stages(egg, stage 1, stage 2. Stage 2 is optional). Level them up, they change stages. Not much to it, but it’s fun to have around.

For the Squibies that are in my description


'Egg': image

Stage 1: image

Stage 2: 

For Blank Canvas


Stage 1: 

Stage 2: 

After 3 minutes

After 10 or so minutes


Wasn’t I just adorable growing up? Oh look! Teen-me has my old headset! I really miss that thing. Stupid GLaDOS.

New Skype Pony Squiby! :3

Normally my life goes like this. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, repeat.



the-creepy-pasta-god has been trying to get me to have sex with him.

He approached me saying he’d had a bad day, and as you all know, I am perfectly fine with people coming to talk to me about their issues.

I gladly help people when they are going through a rough time, but like almost everyone, this is where I draw the line.

I asked him what was wrong and said that if he needed to rant I was willing to listen.

I told him that I was able to listen to his problems and unable to help with the ‘lack of sex thing’ to which he responded

I said I wasn’t gonna have sex with anyone i just met, on the internet no less. Then I hinted heavily that I was getting uncomfortable.

Thats when it went downhill. I told him that I was uncomfortable with the conversation

I told him to back off and that I already told him now

This is where I told him that if he didn’t have a good reason, he was getting blocked. Now, here is where it gets… eh

He claims to have a problem where there is ‘cum backup’ that is only solved by ‘cumming in a girl’.

I still told him to back off, as he is 3 years younger than me.

Most of you know my age. Let that sink in.

Basically, he is a kid with a girlfriend trying to find people online to have sex with him.

I’m blocking him nonetheless, i don’t care if he’s doing this cause he thinks he’s funny, i don’t care if he somehow has a problem that is only resolved by sex with a girl. He’s getting blocked.

There was another callout post made against him, which you can find here.


Rainbow Dash (x)
Programs: FireAlpaca, Photoshop Elements


Rainbow Dash (x)

Programs: FireAlpaca, Photoshop Elements